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Posted By :    Ronniedrops  (
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Posted :    1/30/2018
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Posted :    1/30/2018
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Posted By :    Donna
Posted :    6/6/2016
Comments :    Our first trip to MCVS and it will be OUR LAST! We had a 10 AM appointment. At 10:35 we were taken to a room. At 10:55 had not seen the vet so I asked the assistant about this and was advised the vet would be a while - no explanation given. The assistant asked if she could complete the health visit which included weight and shot. I allowed it and what a mistake. She hurt my puppy when giving the shot. He yelp and cried from the pain inflicted. This amount of pain is not common because I have had several pets in the past and none of them have reacted this way when receiving a shot. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED and UPSET!!!!!
Posted By :    Patricia Ramsey  (
Posted :    4/17/2016
Comments :    I have been using the services of Murray County Vet for many years, at least 25 to30 years, with various pets. I honestly can't remember a time that I wasn't satisfied with their services. There have been doctors and assistants changing throughout the years but they have all been wonderful.
Posted By :    Patricia Ramsey  (
Posted :    4/17/2016
Posted By :    April  (
Posted :    11/12/2015
Comments :    Wow! I am completely in aww of the services my pets received at MCVS. I politely asked if a tail could be docked a certain way and the Dr. insisted it be done her way and did so. The hostility directed at me was undeserved and unappreciated. I will not be bringing my business or recommendations here. Thanks for opening my eyes to how unprofessional and chil-like this practice has become.
Posted By :    James Wells
Posted :    11/5/2012
Comments :    Great group here through and through. I went somewhere different the week prior and felt looked down upon for not being certain if it was day one or two of my dog's eye being matted shut. Here, 4 days later, everyone genuinely cared about my dog and it was immensely appreciated. I also feel the correct diagnosis/treatment was given here as well. Can't help but wonder if MCVS would have caught the issue last week.
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